Starts JUNE 11!

Comedy Boot Camp


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Whether you've buycket listed  the idea of trying stand up comedy, or dabbled at an open mic, our Stand Up Comedy Boot Camp  course will help you find and develop yourself as a comedian through all of the basics; writing jokes, stage presence, connecting to an audience and more.

You'll be workshopping, writing, and perfecting your own material.
We'll look at what makes good comics good, what makes a bad comic bad, and discovering more about your own personal perspective and how to make that funny.

Daryl Felsberg has been doing stand up comedy for more than 20 years and has recorded and  produced a Billboard charting album, seen on various TV Programs, and has worked with legends like George Carlin and Gallagher to Jimmy Pardo and more. He still tours about 100 nights a year across the country. A supporter of and leader of new comics, Daryl is excited to work with fresh voices. 

So whether your goal is to be the next big comic - or you're just looking for an interesting way to work on self-confidence and stage fright, this is the class for you!
Students will meet each week for class, they will have regular writing assignments during the term. Class culminates in a final performance in July that you can invite all of your friends and family to come watch!

*** Course is $200.00 for 6 weeks of class and the final performance. ***